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1) Sometimes girls (like my younger college self) go to frat parties looking for betas masquerading as alphas. I’ve never really gone for alphas, but I have gone for guys I thought might just be acting like alphas in a frat setting. In reality, betas don’t really get in to frat parties (unless you go to the “nerd frats,” which I actually did frequent more often, even during freshman year). But if you’re young and naive, people don’t exactly tell you about the ridiculous ratios. So girls aren’t necessarily going to frat parties KNOWING that they probably won’t be successful, because some of them (especially young ones) don’t know anything about frat policies.

2) Some girls start out going to frats not because they’re looking to hook up, but because that’s where their girlfriends are going. My friend was in an LDR (long term), but she still went to frats because the alternate option would’ve been sitting alone at home on a Friday night. And that’s boring.

zed says:
November 4, 2011 at 12:39 pm
This sex god concept is coming up consistently in recent threads. I know guys will say, “Duh!” but I don’t think women know how important or powerful this is. I think this deserves a post.

Perhaps several, because, IMNSHO, it is the biggest un-acknowledged elephant in the room.

I don’t think most young women are aware of what a complete sea of messages of hatred toward them that young men have grown up absorbing. Anyone remember the old “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” or “Boys lie, poke them in the eye.” It goes back way further than that, but those are the ones of the vintage that young men in their mating years have grown up hearing.

From the male perspective it strikes us a lot like women who try to subliminally telegraph their attraction to a male, and then declare how stupid men are if her target doesn’t pick up on it. If a woman actually likes a man’s sexual attention, and he has “paid” her to accept it by giving her some “commitment”, it will behoove that woman greatly to make it clear to her man that he is not next to last on the list of her last 50 lovers as being sexually satisfying to her.

Ramble already brought up the “does this dress make me look fat?” question. Before I learned about Game and shit-tests, I always interpreted this as “I’m in a shitty mood and want to pick a fight with you.” Eventually, I got so sick and tired of the fights that would ensue from any answer – even “no, you look great” – that I started diving head-first into the fight -

“Yeah, ist sure does!! I don’t think I have laid eyes on so much lard since that semi load of pork bellies jackknifed out on the interstate.