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I couldn't agree more. What has worried me the most and what I believe is the most pernicious effect of gender feminism is the narrowing of the differences between men and women. It has got to the point where our real innate differences are stated to be nothing more than a sociological constuct. What these feminists have done is to ignore the biological imperative; arguing instead that all behavior is learned. They have gone so far as to say that the brain is a gender neutral organ. What they have created is a kind of androgyny where it is difficult to know what is masculine and what is feminine anymore. The innate qualities which Dee speaks of so eloquently, instead of being celebrated and liberated, are bound by a politically correct culture.

These are not just the concerns of those interested in a taken in hand relationship. It is my opinion that most men and women want to be free to express their true natures, but are constricted by the weight of a PC culture which requires a bland equality. To suppress our real sexuality in the name of gender equality is more than absurd, it has done great harm to individual men and women by violating our very being.

I was well into my 30's before I finally accepted what I knew all along, but couldn't quite admit to myself. I discovered it was OK to openly express my masculine nature. Not only did I become more self-aware, knowing who I was and what I wanted in an intimate relationship with a woman, I also gained the confidence to pursue it. As a result my wife and I live in what can best be described as a traditional male-led relationship. It is my hope that society can finally leave behind the nonsense of gender feminism and acknowledge the truth of what is clear to so many of us who read Taken In Hand - "gain a new respect for both mascuilinity and femininty". We would all be a whole lot happier. Thanks Dee.

by Stephen on 2004 Dec 4 - 19:47 | reply to this comment
A bland equality?
Just because some people enjoy being in relationships where one or other partner is dominant, doesn't mean that everybody does. I have no way of proving that all women don't want to be in male-led relationships, but I should think it very unlikely. I imagine that most people who are happy in equal relationships don't find them bland. 'Real' sexuality does not have to mean a relationship that is male-dominated.