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by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Oct 20 - 16:36 | reply to this comment
"Maybe the point is this: if
Maybe the point is this: if a dominant man can keep a woman feeling loved and deeply fulfilled in her submission to him, then it will seem to both of them that she really has no choice but to submit to his dominance. But if he does become abusive or neglectful, then I imagine she'll discover that she can regain her power of choice with astonishing rapidity. ;-)

The first is submission. The second, that is subjugation. In submission a woman obeys, for she knows, both, the reasons behind her man's command, and too, that in her submission, she is enriched.
For a woman in such a relationship. A discipline spanking for transgression of what her man has commanded of her, is not the true punishment. That comes in the feeling of having failed him, herself, and their relationship. The spanking which follows serves as a means by which this pain may be released, and she be brought back fully to him.


by Craig on 2004 Oct 21 - 00:34 | reply to this comment
I was so put off by this article that I could not even finish reading it. It is all about pretending to be dominant. Its advice reminded me of the book The Surrendered Wife which I found manipulative and disturbing in just the same way.