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by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Aug 18 - 23:07 | reply to this comment
After two years
I also grew up in the early seventies, but I suppose the atmosphere must have been very different in England than it was in the US. I mean, I admit I never went out with a boy when I was as young as you, I went to an all-girls school and didn't have much opportunity to meet boys, but there were girls of my age who had more adventurous lives out of school and who were sexually active at fourteen or therabouts. My best friend lost her virginity when she was fifteen, and some girls earlier than that. I didn't actually have sex with a man until I was seventeen -- quite old really by the standards of my contemporaries. But I must admit it would never have occured to me that a man who asked me out didn't want sex. I mean I would just have assumed that that was what he wanted, and so I wouldn't have gone out with him unless I wanted it too, hence the question of rape wouldn't have arisen. I didn't mean to appear insensitive to what was obviously a very traumatic experience for you, it's just that this whole business of being raped by someone you're going out with is a bit puzzling to me for the reasons I've outlined above. My comment about fantasies was directed at the person who said they thought you should have therapy, my own belief being (as I've mentioned elsewhere on this site) that therapy is a waste of time and that talking to your husband is more likely to be useful than talking to a therapist (also cheaper).