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2. She either is attracted sexually, or she is not. There is no in between. Sexual attraction is almost always instantaneous. Every woman I’ve had good sexual chemistry with, that chemistry is immediately apparent and it is palpable. Of course he is attracted. If he were not, he would not invite her to hang out or even talk to her. If she is attracted, she will make time and make herself available. If she is not attracted, she will balk or flake.

Thus, I don’t agree that the man should need to put out time for her so she can get to know him or make a reasonable decision about him. The attraction and “spark” is either there, or it is not there.

121Abbot May 22, 2012 at 3:08 pm
Is there going to be a – “Filtering advice for men” post?

Bet that will get more than a 1000 comments very quickly

122Liza207 May 22, 2012 at 3:11 pm

It is not just older men who wine and dine these days. The problem is that women/girls have lowered the bar for themselves, especially women of low SMV. The men on here can say they have a hard time paying for dates and what not, but if that was the way for them to get laid or relationship from a woman of any SMV they would gladly do it. The only reason men are getting away with this behavior is because most women have very low expectations for themselves. When a man meets a woman he really wants to bed or have long-term relationship with or whatever, and she demands he treats in a way that she deems suitable to get what he wants–he will either step up or move on. Most women are not doing that nowadays. But there are some women who demand good treatment and get it.

As Susan stated in her post, that most attractive women still have high expectations which is probably why they are often asked out and pursued by real players and cads (not red pill swallowers) they are the only men that are not afraid of being rejected by them. Although, many red pillers will claim that they are bedding hot/beautiful women. I really have hard time buying that.

As I said, authentic players and cads don’t play wait and see games. If they make an investment (only in beautiful women) and he does not get an immediate return on that investment–he moves on.