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Price, I am curious about your former job. Obviously, you don’t have to say anything but…what was it that you did exactly? If you don’t mind, where or what type of work was it? I know you have said a few times that you helped transcribe stuff?

-Troll King

No, I don’t mind. I compiled material, mostly related to the Middle East and South Asia, that was subsequently sold to governmental and academic institutions. Basically, I did a lot of text editing and collation, and made books and databases. In the process, I came across an enormous amount of material describing the situation in places like Iraq, Kashmir, the Sahel, the Maghreb, and so on. I also helped document radical cells and activity in the West and SE Asia.

It was essentially a federal contractor job. I learned a lot in the process, but the subject matter was depressing and I can’t say I really enjoyed reading about mass murders in Pakistan’s NW Frontier Province, Kashmir and Iraq every day.

And no, it didn’t pay all that well, but the hours were flexible most of the time, and there was always a lot to do. My boss was a brilliant, erudite guy, but also a selfish, backstabbing asshole. All in all, it was a decent job for that stage of my life, but today I’d expect more for that kind of investment of time and effort.

As for how you get that kind of job, I can’t say for sure. I got it while at a library due to common interest in certain subjects shared between me and the owner. More of a matter of chance than anything else.