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It is not considered “manly” in my family to wear anything under your kilt. I actually know of only one man who did so (a McLeod?!) but I never have, and to the best of my knowledge no one in my family ever has either.

The most I have ever had to do was cover my ears with my scarf (-20C). But I have been out in all kinds of weather and never felt the lack, even while tramping through the forest. If the wind is strong enough to keep blowing your kilt up, then clearly your coat is not long enough.

A proper kilt, made out of wool, is not only comfortable but warm. Your bonnet, socks, sweater, and scarf are also wool, and so is the coat. My problem is once I get indoors it is too hot, and the coat, scarf and sweater have to come off before I roast. Taking off your bonnet once inside should also be a given, but I notice many people who wear a cap never do so.


You may find this interesting, but I notice that it is mainly women that try to find out what is under my kilt without asking.

Positioning themselves under the stairs and dropping things on the floor in front of me for example.

Previous comment in moderation. I must have set off the “perv” filter with the words kilt, hot and gay.

From my experience in corporate America, the incidents of sexual harassment weren’t nearly as problematic as employees of varying levels seriously dating each other. I’ve seen incidents similar to those that Susan described occur, but generally most people gauged what was acceptable behavior with their colleagues and remained within those boundaries. A few were never properly socialized but thankfully they were fairly uncommon.

The real problems began when co-workers began to enter relationships and brought their relationship problems into the workplace for all to see and be apart of whether one wanted to or not. If I had a dollar for every time that I was witness to some girl breaking down in tears in the middle of the office or meeting because the guy from marketing she had been seeing started banging his secretary or the new gal in sales, well, I’d have lots of extra money to spend on martinis at Roppongi in La Jolla.