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I would guess that there are two groups of sexually experienced women (I'm generalizing here): A) Women that use sex as a means to seek attention, affection or approval (daddy issues?) B) Women who confidently enjoy the dance of sexual intimacy with all it's complications. It's the Type A group that give the Type B group such a bad rap. The biggest difference between type A and type B seems to be healthy boundaries. Weak boundaries means she's an energy drain who's more likely to cheat. She uses sex as a transaction ... "Give me the safety of your boundaries and in return I'll give you sex." The B group is more selective and enjoys sex as a natural part of intimacy between two people. She's a giving partner, not an emotional vampire. What makes your blog appealing is that you seem to have healthy and mature boundaries and beliefs, which I think so many women can benefit from! Keep up the good work, ~ Robby

Marrie March 13, 2013 at 4:38 pm Reply
I love your insights, Robby and appreciated you stating so eloquently one of the core issues with the perception of promiscuous women in your Type A/B example. Many just assume that if you are a woman who has elected for NSA sex rather than saving yourself for a committed relationship than you must be bent, broken or damaged. When in reality, the healthiest lifestyles choice for certain moments in yur life may be NSA sex. It's not fair to your partner if you enter a relationship before you have cleaned your closet! Thank you again for your comment! P.S. I love your site!

Madhuri May 4, 2013 at 2:07 pm Reply
Why is "sexual restraint" such a bad word nowadays? I personally don't see a double standard, and never have. I am a virgin who has never denied that I have sexual urges, nor have I viewed them as sinful. On the contrary, I masturbate twice a day, have awesome orgasms, and I know I'm going to be dynamite in bed one day. My long-term boyfriend and I have plans to get married next year, when we are most financially stable, and we are looking forward to it. But all these "empowered" women fail to realize the economics of sex. Yes, a woman by her 5th partner is definitely promiscuous. Women can get sex literally ANY TIME we want. It is not some big achievement to say you "got laid". Women don't have to put notches on their belts because for us it isn't a challenge, it isn't a conquest. Even an unattractive woman could fuck a hot man if she really wanted it. The truth is, men have to compete for our vaginas.