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Lauren Bacall in 'Northwest Frontier', the bit where they've found the train full of murdered passengers, and Kenneth More tells Bacall not to go and look for survivors because there's no point, they're all dead. She ignores him and goes and looks anyway, and comes back carrying a tiny baby. More has tears in his eyes and so invariably do I at that moment. a good instance of why it isn't always a good thing to do what a man tells you.

'Tea with Mussolini' I admire Maggie Smith and Judi Dench and the other indomitable old ladies when they chain themselves to the towers to stop them being blown up, and the Germans give in and drive away. and then when the Scottish army commander wants them to move south behind the Allied lines for safety and Maggie Smith says to him with magnificient disdain "We didn't surrender to the Italians or the Germans and we are not going to surrender to the Scots"

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I forgot this one too
The incomparable Mae West in 'She Done Him Wrong'. when the girl tries to kill herself because she's been deceived and abandoned by her lover, and Mae West saves her and gives her smart new clothes and encourages her to get on with her life. when the girl says that no man will want her now because of her past Mae West replies "When women go wrong men go right after them" A magnificent blow against the double standard.

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One of my all time favorite films
One of my all time favorite films is "Woman of the Year" starring Kathleen Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. I identified so much with Kathleen's character at the time I took a break from my career to be a homemaker! Boy was I hopeless! Think I've got it under control now.

I can't say I've seen "Desk Set", but I'll sure look out for it. I hope you don't mind me saying this, but if you're anything like the characters you admire you sure must be challenge to the men in your life! I mean that as a compliment!

As for "Legally Blond", the tone of my piece was intended to match the tone of the movie – light-hearted and hopefully an entertaining read! Elle Woods's character was exaggerated for effect in the film but still managed to deliver a what I believe is a positive message.