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My only concern is that Millennials are slow to find LTRs, yet still desire to marry by age 30. That’s a real squeeze in the middle. The desire for family formation means the age at first marriage cannot be pushed back indefinitely. That means we need to find ways to encourage young people to ignore hookup culture and risk pursuing the relationships they want.
One example: I had a friend in high school. He was basically white-trailer trash. If you looked at him, well…as my art teacher said one time, “you could tell John by his skeleton and skull if you dug him up.” He was just one of those people, who for whatever reason, was very unique in every way. He was tall and skinny but not in the normal way. It looked like somewhat stretched him like a stretch-Armstrong doll. He also have a very unique face and body language and laugh and so on. Well, one day my then-gf starts prattling on about how this girl that she used to be in dance and cheerleading is now dating her step-brother. I listened a bit and wrote it off. A few weeks later I met her. My first words, after she and the step-brother left, were, “she looks like a female version of John.” We talked about how they had the same posture, the same body language, and even the same quirky smile and weird laugh. Fast forward a bit and it turns out that John and this girl, whose name escapes me at the moment, are step-brother and sister.

They had never met and grew up over an hour away from each other. Neither had ever known their dad but they had known that they may have step-siblings. THEY HAD NEVER MET!!!

I may not be doing it justice, but trust me. If you were there to find this out…well, it blew my mind. At the time I was, at the very least heavily leaning, in the blank-slatist camp. I thought that everything we were and could be was due to our childhood and social conditioning and all that. Hell, I was raised by a feminist mother who instilled all that shit in me before I was even 10 years old. Seriously, I remember getting lectures about rape culture before I was 10, all because I wanted to sign up to play tag football and as it was explained to me, ” football is a patriarchal sport of aggression that warps the natural feminine elements of masculinity into a game of war that results in….something something…rape culture.”

Anyways, my point is that I tend to think things are more biologically determined. But, this isn’t always the case. At the same time, with new breakthroughs in epi-genetics we know that our genes and physiology can be quite malleable towards our environment. Anyways. I am not sure what I am trying to say other than I do typically think that many transsexuals are in fact, “born that way.” At least, up to a point. There are certain types of chromosomal disorders like XXY and so on.