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My college was 99% “nerds” (1% sample error) so the label was pointless. Of course people found other ways to categorize, they always do. But the college was small, so there was the shared realization that “we are all in this together”, which went a long way in building bridges and keeping the playing field relatively free of divisive social mechanisms. Which is why I find the Greek thing to be interesting. I have a hard time finding the value of those institutions to begin with, so some of this is a stretch for me. Things that create and/or support hierarchy, rigidity, labels, just make it tougher for people to come to the conclusion that we (men and women in this case) are in this together.

Mike says:
November 4, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Good point, and apologies if my use of the term nerd offended. I think it’s a less derogatory term now with powerhouses like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs out there though.

My point was, guys who focus less on learning about the signals women put out, and focus more on other knowledge pursuits, might not be as aware of those signals.

alexamenos says:
November 4, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Yes, but are you involuntarily celibate with women who are roughly your SMV equivalent? I think that’s what a lot of younger guys say they are experiencing.

As to the MGTOW types, that’s another matter entirely.

Understood…I’m just doing a little fresh grappling with explanations for why some men are ‘involuntarily’ celibate with women of roughly the same SMV…most of this is rehash, but I think I have a new wrinkle or two, even if it’s all quite incoherent and stream of conscioussness like now.

…first things first…the latter part of the foregoing statement makes no economic sense whatsoever. It’s like saying a house isn’t worth its market value. By definition a thing is worth its market value, and its market value is what it’s worth. Accordingly, if a guy is involuntarily celibate with women of a certain SMV, by definition his SMV is lower than her’s.

So I suppose the question properly phrased is really something like “Why does a 50th percentile male have a lower SMV than a 50th percentile female?”