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Maybe it’s Neil Strauss’ captivating writing (or the fact that blaming anyone else but myself feels better), but many times, I have felt the pressure to escalate and make a move based on proving to myself what is possible. Sometimes it works but sometimes, it doesn’t. Accepting this was more difficult than it seemed. A part of me kept believing that there must be a way to everything. While there might be, now I realise that there is also always an alternative.

What am I talking about here?

I am talking about the concept of quick-escalation. It is something that is frequently talked about in The Game and a lot of seduction communities. Pulling off stuff like One-Night-Stands, quick phone-numbers, making out in minutes etc. Accomplishing this successfully gives one a huge ego boost and a nice surge of confidence.

I have been there way too many times. I tried to push and plow through my escalation with disregard for the logistics. Sometimes, I do so just to satisfy my own egotistical expectations. The more I focused on it, the more success elluded me. Then I started to just let things progress naturally and just be PREPARED for things to happen. I spent more time ironing out my logistics and focusing on my life. All that effective preparation gave me a sense of assuredness that raised my confidence to a point where I just felt that, “It’s gonna happen, let’s have some fun and make her think it might not :p”

And all of a sudden, I see myself achieving far more than I was before. Less investment but more returns!

Respect the logistics