I'm curious. How do we know that you are not a fraud? Because of who you're associated with? As we all know, there were guys in Project Hollywood, where all of the "Players of Players" were living, who actually weren't getting laid (Barry Kirkey Show, anyone?). All of the guys I train are attractive. Why? Because if you're going to train with me, then our first stop is the mall to get you a complete makeover to at least make you presentable to women and not repulsive. A good instructor helps his students out with ALL aspects of game and not just verbal game. However, I do agree with your final statements that students should look for someone who has had long term success. As for me? I've been getting laid since middle school, so I think I'd call that long term success. What about you?

Does it take them around an hour or so to pull?
This is usually a major indicator. In an hour or two, women know nothing about you other than they are physically attracted to you, and you might be able to pass a few mild shit tests after she prompts you with the answer.

I've pulled women in under ten minutes flat, and by pull, I mean back home to my place. Yes, physical attraction has something to do with it. However, you are ignoring the sheer amount of confidence and self-control it takes for a guy to suggest taking a girl home so fast (see Vicky Cristina Barcelona). If you've never taken home a woman and slept with her in under an hour or two, then perhaps this is an indicator of your LACK of game.

Could he work as a model or actor?
Obvious enough on its own.

Sounds like someone's bitter.

Do the women ever want to be around him after sex for an extended period of time?
When your game is solid, after sex (if you aren’t a complete lame ass in the sack) you can’t scrape the women off of you. If they aren’t interested in dating or seeing the guy again, it is an indication of a fraud.

So wait, sexual ability=verbal game? Need I say more? You guys can read the rest of the article over on Roissy's blog.

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CMPitts said...
I read that post when it first came out. He comes off as very bitter ugly dude pissed off that he has to put in more work than the guys who are naturally attactive.

Boo hoo, life is hard, deal with it.

October 17, 2009 6:29:00 PM EST
Xadus said...
Naturals are naturals for a reason...they didn't have to learn anything and they just DO things that have worked for them in the might not be the most efficient stuff but, it works. There is no reason to be mad or bitter at a person that can't tell you what his "game" is...that's just being immature.