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Once mastered, this skill will go a long way in ensuring you get your ex back after a breakup - or any other girl if you’re looking for someone new.

i have your how to get your ex back guide and have followed every guide,but i am a bit confused,she has started seein someone else and i have kept my distance,now she has started texting me saying she misses our talks,if i ever need anything let me know and i will come and see you,and phoned me the other night,but im confused im not sure what it is she is doing please help as i am not good at this sort of thing!

untranseunte1 Says:
April 7th, 2011 at 10:30 pm
I think that as the book says, you should politely avoid talking with her about her problems because that will automatically put you on her list of friends, and won’t see you as anything else.

I am not an expert myself neither, and just came here because my gf (ex) dumped me 4 days ago (and yeah she wanna be friends) and yeah I did beg and yeah I did look needy to her eyes, but now I am applying the NC and well, I accepted to be her friend but she haven’t sent me any messahe yet, but in the very moment she does, I will tell her what you should tell to your girl, you need your time and your own space, now you are not longer bf and gf, so she can’t expect having the same kind of conversations you used to have in the past. Never ever talk with her about her current relationship, keep growiing up your self esteem and keep your cool man, in the end (as book says) she now is comparing both of you, if she misses your conversation that means she needs you, but if you DO start talking with her what you are only doing is helping her with your breakup and help the other guy to make their relationship work while you only will be her friend forever.

Of course this is only my very own opinion, I’d recommend you to read the book again and find help there. Stand till the end cuz you are THE MAN!

Taksh Says:
May 15th, 2011 at 8:10 am