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Don’t simply assess a guy on his looks. You need to assess his socio-sexual rank, ie what his rank is when considering all the factors. Think about it; if a guy has model looks but no job, no job potential, everyone thinks he is a moron, and he’s super needy, would you still give him a 9+? NOPE.

Fortunately for you ladies, it’s fairly easy for you to get a decent approximation of a guy’s value in a short amount of time. In fact, you’ve been unconsciously doing it your whole life. Simply see what he looks like, watch how he interacts with people, ask some basic questions, see how he responds, and analyze how he makes you feel. Based on your intuition, give him a 1-10 number.

It’s also a good idea to see what your friends think because you might be starstruck…or being unfairly critical. However, be aware there’s a rather bipolar dynamic going on when women rate a guy: it’s usually all or nothing. Your standard for what a guy “should” be like is made up of your experiences with alpha guys. Most women are obviously delusional when they rate men, so don’t be that chick. Be aware of your bias and adjust for it accordingly. And then adjust again, because you didn’t do it enough the first time.

When you’ve finally settled on a number for the guy, see how close it matches to your own. Since marriage is no protection from the dating market, a giant imbalance between your DMV scores will inevitably end badly for the weaker party.

Ideally, you want a guy who is the same DMV rank as you but who scores 1-2 points lower than you on the looks scale. This is because he prizes looks. If you’re that much better looking than him, he knows it, and feels like he won, which makes him much more likely to stay with you. Good news for you too: being in love with a guy means you’ll think he’s better looking. And since you’re both relatively equal, your chance of becoming of citizen of Splittsville, population: you, go down significantly.

Everyone wins when you’re in love (and equals!)

One problem I’ve discovered about women who are Game-aware and looking to get married is the question of how to adjust their expectations so that their hypergamic natures come in line with reality. These women realize that their programing tells them to go after the alpha guy, but are unable to figure out if that is a realistic goal or not.