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Feminism, which made a movement out of bullshit claims from day one, should have been exposed and reviled by every honest person from day one. Feminism has NEVER been anything but a bitch brigade. I am glad that so many ex-feminists have outgrown feminism. Now you all need to stop making excuses for why you ever embraced it.
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by Alec on 2004 Dec 2 - 02:44 | reply to this comment
Fatal Flaws of Feminism
One fatal flaw of feminism lay in the fact that it evolved as a reaction absent deeper philosophical underpinnings. Thus, for women with little interest in the psychological perversion of gelding men, feminism had nothing to offer.

Still another lay in the fact that many women who desired or needed to work outside the home were unable to separate the workplace from the home front. Consequently, a potentially compatible husband at home was often seen in much the same light as the tyrannical boss at work. Amid the lunacy of misandry, all men became the enemy.

Although given transient legitimacy by diversities as disparate as internationalist Marxism and misunderstanding of the Y chromosome, feminism was so bereft of intellectual underpinnings so as to relegate it the status of a quaint historical curiosity - as opposed to earth-shaking seminal trend.

Accordingly, as might happen with the dropping of a large jug of molasses into an old village clockwork, feminism left a sticky residue on the social order that served no purpose beyond gumming up the gears and attracting flies.