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For obvious reasons, gaining experience and practicing your skill-sets to accomplish certain goals in the field is going to help you immensely. After you accomplish your goals successfully, you are going to attain a higher-level of confidence that will be projected through your vibe.

Alright, on a Micro-level, TDD has developed “The 4 Vibes” concept which gives a comprehensive solution to what to do on a Micro-level. When you convey traits through single/multiple use of The 4 Vibes (Fun, Dominant, Charismatic, Sexual), you will affect a woman in such a way that she will want to see more of you. Check out the TDD Wiki for more info on the 4-vibes.

Vibe of a Champion, y’all!

Alright so I am leaving for Spain in 4 hours and will be doing some TDD Awareness Movement in Bangkok, Thailand, Madrid & Valencia, Spain. If you are in any of these countries and would like more information, drop me an e-mail right now. Otherwise, see all of you in 2 weeks!

While she looked at me, thrilled, satisfied, amazed and a little bit confused, I stared at her for a good few seconds before breaking into a grin as I recalled the events of the past 5 hours.

It was a story straight out of a romance novel. It was a sunny and tranquil Thursday afternoon at Borders Bookstore. We exchanged glances the moment I dropped into the magazines section. We were both browsing for magazines, me with an issue of Men’s Folio in hand, she with a copy of a magazine I had no idea of. We were decked out in a simple clothing for a simple day. I figured I would start the ball rolling by saying, “It must be your day off.” (Stating the Obvious to get Mutual Agreement) She responded with enthusiasm and gusto and it was on. Long story short, here is a chronological description of what happened :