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If I woke up tomorrow, alone, the dishes might still be in the sink, dust may accumulate on the wood, the dog will likely have shed some more fur, the grass might need to be cut, and the vehicles might need an oil change or gasoline. I would not care. Stuff needs to be done in life, but it is not the heart of life.

Much like every day cannot be filled with carefree emotion, nor can it be consumed by only what gets done. If you work, and love it, and it contributes not only financially, but emotionally to the well-being of your marriage, then go for it! We are not all independently wealthy people (I'm certainly not!) and bills need to get paid, life's material obligations have to be met, but that does not mean those have to be met from sacrificing the passion and emotion in life.

by KAL on 2005 Nov 16 - 22:13 | reply to this comment
You know, that pretty well su
You know, that pretty well sums it up for me, at least. There are just some times where i need to feel not like the alpha female, but like property. Spanking usually doesn't do that for me, (i can be quite the sadist myself, and spend half the time analyzing technique. *sigh*), but when i'm thrown down and taken as He desires....oh yeah. THAT gets my attention.

dam Says:
January 4th, 2010 at 5:48 am
i split with my gf, she said i had done nothing wrong, jus that her family will not allow it, but she said before we really got serious this would not affect us, keeping us a secret etc. She still wants to meet but what should i do?

darren Says:
January 5th, 2010 at 6:12 am
my case is different.she get to know that i’ve slept with a girl and she had prove on it.i’ve drag the issue and told her that i never slept with her and finally i went and agree that yea i slept with she as for a break up from me.i’ve went to a very depression life and i guess that is the last stage on it.she ask 6 months break with me but then i dont know whehter is that just for the sake she wants avoid from me or serious.she told me that no communication,no msg and anything that can contact us.what am i suppose to do?i need some suggestion regarding this and i have no heart to leave her and i told her i’ve changed but she dont believe me.i need a good idea of this case..

seth Says:
February 10th, 2010 at 9:44 am
I was with my ex for 4 years and then she moved away for college (only a year) and she acted really distant to me when i went to see her, so i checked her messages and saw some flirty texts and know she hid things like meeting up with this particular bloke and coursemates when i was at her dorm waiting, she lied to me sayig she had a meeting. I split up with her and i miss her so much and i know from a mutual friend she misses me but theres something she isnt telling me…its been 4 weeks since i ended it and im now going to meet with her but dont know what to say theres so many questions i want to ask?