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I wrote this post this a.m. and then was traveling most of the day, so I’m chiming in late. There are lots of interesting comments already and several new commenters, which pleases me so much!

I’ll respond to individual comments as best I can, but let me just say that I am almost sure Brady is a player. Here are the signs, IMO:

1. OTC is right – he had a very smooth reply for the concern about dating someone from work.
2. “I want more” followed by a winky face has an overtly sexual implication that was inappropriate for the level of time the two had spent together (almost none).
3. In four months, he has never attempted to make plans ahead of time.
4. In suggesting they meet up, which is definitely one way that young people socialize, he never offered to come to where she was. He always suggested that she make her way to his location late at night.
5. The less enthusiasm she shows, the more he shows. He’s on a quest.

A couple of things about Grace:

She has no interest in having him pay for anything. She suggested meeting for dinner or going for a run. They both have jobs at the same company, most likely with similar salaries. They’re the same age. She does not expect to be wined and dined, but she finds it very suspicious that Brady has never sought her company alone before late night. She’d be delighted if he suggested a drink after work, or a walk in the city – any plan would be fine.

Texting someone spontaneously is always a risky plan. Odds are they’re busy at 11 on a Saturday night. If you really want to see someone, you’re not going to leave it to chance that way.

I think Brady is used to girls meeting him more than halfway. Grace describes him as quite handsome and self-assured. He’s only interested because she’s the rare girl who hasn’t fallen for his BS.

138Hope May 22, 2012 at 3:31 pm
Liza, I agree with you that women should ask for what they want. I wanted a genuine emotional connection and find love, and that was much harder to find than a formal date. People have also told me that my expectations were too high (not kissing until mutual feelings of love), but I stuck to it and found my one.