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Miss Nosey Parker Reply:
July 14th, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Hi Susan, I’d like you to know that I really enjoy your blog. I am not a member of your target audience or age group, but I always find your posts and the discussions that follow to be interesting and insightful. I’ve been lurking for a little over a year and I have yet to comment until now.

I am constantly mystified by your male readers that are making decisions based out of fear and loathing, and planning for their marriages to fail. A pre-nup is common sense, but actually considering going to another country to get married or seeking out a foreign wife as some way to assure your financial solvency if things go south? That sounds like a ridiculous extreme to me. I am not interested in getting into a big MRA debate. My question to some of your readers is this: Guys, don’t you trust yourselves to choose an honest, desirable wife? I know that there are no guarantees in life and sometimes things end earlier that we plan. I also know that we are ruled by our hormones, but are you guys so shallow that the warm glow of having a level 10 hottie on your arm and the raging jealously of friends and strangers trumps any rational decision making regarding long term mate selection? Dude, looks fade…and maintenance is a bitch. BTW – When snooty “Amanda” isn’t the B.G.O.C. anymore and she gets a reality check after graduation, who will be expected to pick up the pieces? You!

As Susan mentioned in a few earlier posts, why not seek out a hard 7 or 8 that you are sexually attracted to, that would help you raise your kids and run a household, someone with whom you could enjoy mutual interests and respect, without having to worry about her banging your brother or her personal trainer when you’re away? YES, average looking people can act like entitled brats and they cheat, too. But I feel like some of these sexually frustrated guys are reaching too high (too low, really) and they are fishing in the wrong pond. Why are you guys pining away for those easy, obnoxious social butterflies with zero compassion for others? Susan, I know that you mentioned guys’ ability to compartmentalize and sleep with women they don’t respect or even like, but some of your readers seem to be begging to get chewed-up and spit-out by a succubus they despise. Then they get angrier and bitterer each time they are ignored or shit on. Hello? What does banging one of the “popular” girls get you in the end? Herpes. LOL

I’m not a dullard, I understand the external validation and social proof that arm candy provides to men. But real life is not like High School and College! There’s a plethora of women out there with a multitude of personality types that you guys will meet once you are out in the real world. Right now every experience or interaction is magnified and exaggerated. Hang on! High School and College are not forever! Right now you are being prepped for life as an adult. It’s wise to begin shifting your priorities now. Would you really want to MARRY one of those rude, self-centered, high strung, high maintenance poodles? Really? If those are the traits that you value, then any guy who puts a ring on that deserves to get hung out to dry in a divorce.