A guy that have sex 200 times with the same woman will have more experience than the guy that have sex only once with 200 women because if a guy have sex constantly with the same woman he will learn more things than the guy that constantly swap partners. For example the guy that constantly fuck the same women will usually not use condoms while the guy have one night stand need to use condoms. When people have sex for the first time they are usually awkward and they won’t try everything therefore the guy that have only one night stands cannot learn a lot while the guy that have sex repeatedly with the same woman will learn and try all sorts of things. All studies show that guys in relationship have more and better sex than guys that only have one night stands. The main advantage of one night stands is the diversity of women you fuck.

February 17, 2010 10:37 pm
I agree with no more mister nice guy.

” If we were to take a population of men that were labelled as good: you’d find men who have experience, like it when their partner is enjoying herself and are good at tapping into what most women like in the sexual realm”

Maybe, Bhetti, but good sex comes from knowing one another’s bodies intimately, and learning what pleases your partner. This takes time and effort.

Women are complicated creatures. Men not so.

They enter a women.. 99% of the time they will orgasm.
It’s just not that easy for many women.Some climax during intercourse, others need oral or manual stimulation to do so. Still others will not climax every time they have sex. Some women, I think around 15% have never had an orgasm in their lives.

I know of one such woman, who for years has faked orgasm, just to please her husband.She has never had an orgasm. Never! (Sighs, and shakes head sadly)

It’s just not like that for men.

To put it succinctly and crudely…

Most men are easily satisfied with a quick fk and a blow job.