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And that "mind control" thing would be just a harmless fantasy, if only it did not threaten to make things difficult for all the rest of us -- those who prefer truly consensual relationships, and who are under almost constant legal threats because the courts and society at large has bought into this myth of women's victimization by evil mind-controlling dominant men, and who therefore have passed some mightily absurd laws against even consensual arrangements involving real male domination, because they simply cannot conceive that any woman would actually *want* and consent to a man's domination, unless he had somehow coerced her.

That is one reason why I am so opposed to this widespread conceptual normalizing of women's "victimhood." The other reason is just that I feel it's spiritually and psychologically unhealthy. Not that some women have fantasies of mind control - that's perfectly fine, provided they realize it as such. But if we as a society start coming to believe that the average person is not actually possessed of autonomy and free will -- if we instead start seeing the societal norm as one of helpless victimization -- then that has the potential to undermine and destroy civilization as we know it.

So I feel it's very important to keep reiterating that a psychologically healthy individual does indeed have free will and personal autonomy, in virtually all circumstances that life brings their way. (Short of being kidnapped, or living under an actual political dictatorship.) And if someone keeps insisting that she does NOT have personal autonomy and free will -- even though she is not under any actual physical coercion keeping her in the situation of being under a dominant man's control -- then I think that's the time to point out that her perception of reality is neither healthy nor normal, and that it's time for her to get some professional psychological help.