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Well… it’s officially been 6 months since I got into game and started this blog.

And, it’s been an interesting 6 months. To be honest, I expected more out of myself by now. I figured I’d be better than I currently am 6 months in. I definitely thought I would have done more day game than I have. I really need to put more focus on the day game in the next 6 months, for sure.

I definitely thought I’d have more notches on the year at this point.

I will say though, that the few notches I have gotten, I’ve gotten from being out and approaching. They wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

My first time really putting work in and getting out there in the trenches and practicing my game, and honestly I’m not even on pace to have the most notches I’ve ever had in a year. Damn, I miss college!

Damn, I wish I had game in college! Or even high school for that matter!

But, anyway….

I will say, even though my notch count isn’t the highest it’s ever been in a year, yet…

I have approached waaaay more girls than I ever have in a single year before.

I’ve gotten a lot more phone numbers than I’ve ever gotten in year before.

I’ve dated more chicks than I ever have in a year before.

And, I’ve definitely made out with more chicks than I ever have in a year before.

When I look at most of my wings and other male friends, I know I’ve dated and fucked more chicks this year than pretty much all of them. Actually, I can think of the top 20 or 25 or closest male friends I have, and I’m pretty much 100% sure none of them have more notches than me this year. Which probably means I need better wings.

I guess all of that, should be worth something.

I still have a lot to work on. In almost all areas of my game. I need to work on my approaching still. I definitely need to work on building comfort better. I need to work on bouncing chicks to different venues and leading throughout my interactions. And, I need to work being patient and not coming off as needy or desperate for sex or “only after sex”. And, what I really need to do in order to do that is to pay attention to where I’m at with my current target. If I pay more attention and read her, I’ll be able to tell when’s the right time to go for the kiss and when’s the right time to go for the lay. Actually, I think I already can tell, sometimes I just tend to push for the lay too early anyway, even when I know I’m not quite there yet. Why do I do this? I think it goes back to my fear of being the guy I used to be who was too scared to escalate with attractive girls. I also need to work on not getting frustrated at the flakiness, shit tests or LMR that these chicks give me. I have to find my frame and maintain it.

So, overall, I have my work cut out for me it looks like.

Here’s to the next 6 months.