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The TDD crew, stalking one another’s hyperactive Facebook profiles, talking about the different lifestyle plans they had and the dates they were about to go on, chilling out to snacks and beverages at the office.

4:00p.m – And now, it’s time for one of the highlights of the filming : Interview with the students! Dev’s interview is up first. Dev is one of the brightest students to have passed through our doors. His calm demeanour, awareness and decision-making skills make him one of the best guys in the field. It comes as no surprise that he is an established Captain for the TDD crew in Singapore. Highly admired by the members of the crew, Dev gives a very engaging perspective on what TDD can do for a nice guy in his mid 20s.

4:20pm – James’ Interview begins.

James gives valuable insight on the Masterclass and the benefits of working with TDD from the perspective of a working professional in his 30s. He also talks about his views on men and women dating in Singapore and he also drops a few of his own golden nuggets of wisdom. James is one of the fastest progressing students from the TDD Singapore crew and has earned a high degree of respect within the crew.

4:40pm – Jiron‘s interview begins. Jiron’s great amount of experience, knowledge and smarts have allowed him to gain a very high level of awareness in the field. Apart from churning out great results for himself (thus the nickname “$14-Man), his experience has allowed him to be an effective mentor to many seeking to improve their current level of success. One of the bright stars of the TDD crew, Captain Jiron’s interview will definitely resonate with many men in the late 20s category.


5:30pm - Once again, TDD proves to be the only company that goes into the field any time, anywhere. This kind of confidence comes from being a REAL 24/7 Attractive Man, whose confidence is build on the RIGHT foundations. This was probably one of the most exciting parts of the filming session that day. This time around, we had our students show what they are made of.

5.35pm - Even before things were set-up, we have Victor/Spunk doing hired-gun game just for kicks. Meeting women should be fun and never feel like a chore. That explains exactly why TDD students have no Aproach Anxiety(AA) and other bullshit problems.