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Hello. UL doesn’t give you reign to act like an asshole and be applauded for it. ITA that relationships that have borne out the harder places ARE because the people involved are growing in the same direction for the most part.

Families considered. Is there any outreach to Mom and Dad or Brother Britt on the multiple losses this last year? Nope. Julia’s just lounging about Tweeting in dead Granny’s nightgown in a sterile NYC hotel as a totem for luck for her teevee appearances. What a fucking vulture.

Ugh. I am repulsed by her behavior since the show aired. In two weeks there will be some “Strangely saddened by the end of the show,” retweets of whatever self help moron she golemed onto then a host of Slutoween 2012 Burning Man edition couture. Then, I pray, crickets.

alessa July 25, 2012 at 6:02 am
yeah–it goes without saying, but when i mentioned that if you can’t love that person for exactly who they are, get the f out– well, that’s why all we see are men fleeing from her. totally didn’t mean that you can act like a raging torn asshole and people should love you for it, bc no one could love THAT.

i don’t think anyone could love her the way she is now. it’s been said before but from what i’ve read and seen, she needs to experience the inevitable psychotic break and go through daily psychoanalysis and cbt to even begin to form the type of personality and character someone could love and grow with… i.e. want to marry.

i am just really sick and tired of femi-cosmo type magazines and articles pushing the whole “i made a list and then i met my husband” garbage. no, you made a decision to change your life, decided not to date assholes and started behaving like a respectable adult. the list didn’t do it for you.

you know your dumb gf who keeps drunkenly stumbling home with men and crying about why she keeps getting used and why she’s still single? julia’s self-sabotaging and insanely redundant behavior remind me of “that friend”, except in this case the only person she seems to be screwing is herself.