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tom says:
December 16, 2010 at 1:44 pm
It is the male ego that prevents men, in most cases, not all cases, from getting involved with an experienced woman. Sure their preference might be a woman less experienced, but why?
He has a burning desire to teach her? ..laughable
Most guys want an inexperienced woman because he doesnt want to be compared OR he just can not get over the fact other men have “been there” before him… That my friend is a choice based on ego or ignorance. Putting her sexual experience aside, she may be a wonderful woman who wants to live a more normal life.
Trust me my insecue friend I am a man. A man who has survived the death of both my parents, a sister and my wife. Maybe I see a different side to life you can only imagine. I undestand what is important and what is not. I will judge a person on who she is right now, not in some distant past. Most people have a past, some more extensive than others. I have learned that the valuse of a person is not always connected to what they have done behind closed doors and with whom.
One more comment…. Some people, both male and female, love sex. They find themselves single and really have either not found the “one” or have no desire, for whatever reason to be in a relationship… If some guys cant handle that, so be it, it is their problem.

tom says:
December 16, 2010 at 1:54 pm
@ abbott

Finally someone who makes sense.
A lot of truth to what you say…..
That date of yours didnt want to be compared to a younger woman. Fine, but that is still based on an insecurity, yes?
Some men AND women do not want to date experienced people, and I agree that is their right. However their reasons are ego or security based. That doesnt change the fact it is their perception and their reality. I understand a peson who could be thinking to themselves, ” eww just think of all that sex they had, all those dicks (vaginas) all the mess…… But is that the same view if they would go out with a divorced person of 10 + years who has had even MORE sex than the promiscuous ones?
Everyone has their own preferences, but most do not even know why they think that way because their “decision” is based on emotion, not logic.

tom says:
December 16, 2010 at 2:05 pm
I do have a question.