When it comes to Mood, I always stress leaving my troubles at home. Be it stress from work, an argument I had earlier in the day etc, I never bring it with me to the club. A club is not the place to showcase your depression and doing that is pretty much social suicide.


In the past, clubs used to freak me out. I used to get nervous, wondering if I am dressed right, if I am going to meet a girl… basically, my mind was always all over the place. At the end of the day, it definitely wasn’t a fun experience for me. These days, I go out thinking, “Tonight, I am going to seize any opportunity for fun that I get.” That is all I think about and it always promised me a night to remember.
As a fan of hip-hop and R&B, I always tune in to my favourite clubbing music (anyone say PITBULL?!) to psyche myself up for the night. This usually gets me in the zone really quick.



In the words of my good friend, Julian “The German Falcon”, I strongly believe that logistics is almost 70% of the Game. Once you have your logistics down to a T, you will leave home with what I like to call “The Walk Of Game”. People will see this from your swagger and feel it from your vibe. Based on your high-level awareness, your logistics will be covered with zero loopholes and you will feel an amazing sense of confidence from being in control.


When you understand the dynamics of the club and are aware that you are the 24/7 Attractive Man, you will be over-flowing with confidence. Knowing that you have a solid Macro Plan and killer Leading skills (in conversation, the Dance-floor, on a date etc.) will give you a sense of confidence that will in turn make you project the Vibe of a Champion.

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