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The point I want to make here, however, is this: even in the case of a woman who succumbs to a very cunning, underhanded and manipulative man, I cannot agree that she did not (or does not still) have real consent and the real power of choice in that arrangement. As long as he is not using actual physical force (or the threat of severe bodily injury or death) to coerce her into staying in the relationship, then I would claim that she still has free will, in the vast majority of cases. In a very small minority of cases, perhaps, the woman's actual sense of autonomy has been truly damaged, and she is psychologically unable or unwilling to leave her abuser, even though she is physically able to. (Similar, perhaps, to the Stockholme syndrome, where kidnap victims end up being brainwashed by their captivity.) And in those few rare cases, then I do think it's a matter of mental illness, and it should be dealt with professionally.

But when it comes to women's nonconsensual fantasies about being under a man's total control and being unable to actually leave him -- whether out of actual physical compulsion or psychological compulsion -- I think in most cases the women who hold such fantasies are well aware that their enslavement or whatever is not literally true. It's just that it's much more pleasurable, in most cases, for them to pretend that it is real, and imagine that they are truly unable to escape. In that case, the woman is really in complete control of her mental faculties and her autonomy, and probably not in need of a therapist to deal with her erotic fantasies.