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Another similar thing can be shown with this taken in hand stuff, as the same sort of thing happens to it as those fairy tales in this sense: In movie making the ‘taken in hand” sort of thing is only shown in older or historical movies really, and it’s the same principle as what we do with these above classic type fairy tales
we say so subtly over and over again through the media and such that this sort of stuff is fantasy, in the past, NOT something you should dare expect now, it is archaic, not the “evolved modern” ideals you should really aspire to.

On a more personal note, I never was trying to say I thought you were wrong for choosing Mulan for yourself, I was saying that I have seen the very harmful impact of this sort of preference being pushed on us today. It really is the ideals of the “be a man” Mulan type stuff that is seen as more worthy today and is shoved down our throat so subtly most don’t even realize it. And I think whether they will admit it or not that these sorts of “heroic” type ideals really are harmful to many women out there, and they certainly are to me. If they aren’t to you then only you know that, its not my or anyone else’s place to presume to know. The deepest thing about female energy to me is the receptivity, which leads to the comfort cues focus, I really think that is the key. So I’m realizing if your own comfort cues are telling you Mulan qualities nourish you, them by following that you are still in your female energy. But those of us who find our comfort cues leading us in much more cherishment directions are made to deny our own female core by ignoring our own comfort cues because what we want and need is judged so much. THAT is the issue for me.

With the work stuff, just looking at stay at homes moms definitely is not enough for me. Cherishing someone only when they bear you children is not true cherishing in my book. Not all of us can even have children, and that does not mean all our other needs as women suddenly disappear then, such as a very feminine energy woman’s true need for actual cherishing and support.