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3. Yeah, can’t say I followed her there.

4. I think she was referring to this:

Doesn’t it make evolutionary sense that women would be attracted to men who take care of children? I’m not going to dig up the studies, but it’s pretty established that a guy who likes babies will be preferred over a guy who doesn’t.

(Granted, there is a male equivalent of the Madonna-whore dilemma in play. Alpha and Beta traits seem to be mutually desired in women, but are mutually exclusive in men. But if a guy plays his cards right, he can pull both strings. That’s what Athol Kay’s blog is for.)

Cool story:

My friend’s parents were hosting a New Years Party. Most of the guests were in their 30′s, 40′s and 50′s, but there were a few people my age as well. Anyway, because my parents also knew my friend’s parents, my whole family ended up coming to New Years Party (even though I wanted to go alone). “Don’t worry,” my parents said “you can chill with your friends and the little ones won’t bother you.”

Well that was true for a little while. I met up with my friends, one of whom had brought a new friend with her. She was a cute girl from out of state, and I kind of wanted to impress her. So I kept throwing witty banter out there, playing hard to get while we all played Balderdash.

But then….

My 5 year old brother came sobbing over to me. He said he was bored, and that I needed to play with him. I invited him to play with me as my “teammate” in the Balderdash game. Not because I wanted to play with him, but because I wanted to shut him up. He ending up tagging along with me all night. And I was mad, because he had embarrassed me in front of a cute girl.

The next day I got a text message from my friend.

“She’s totally in to you?”
“Yeah she said she’s really attracted to smart guys who are good with kids”


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June 24th, 2010 at 5:16 pm