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One way to make it easier to deal with the lack of oxytocin is to become a bit more physically affectionate with friends and people you interact with in daily life. That boosts oxytocin. One can also go get a massage every now and then and attend dance classes to get such effects.

Dealing with the validation habit can be helped by realizing it is empty. If they are only willing to hook up that is all they are validating in her but she likely feels on some level they are validating her LTR value as well which is false. If she really takes that in she will feel less inclined to seek that attention.

I don´t think there is one very good surrogate for the dopamine rush of new exciting partners. It does however help the more the rest of your life is nourishing for you. IMO it especially helps if your life has meaning and purpose. When meaning is lacking people always become more hedonistic. I notice this in myself.

A great way to deal with feeling the hole left by not hooking up anymore is to workout, to do qigong or yoga and to meditate. All those feel you up with all sorts of happy hormones and makes you the opposite of needy. There are studies showing the effect of all four having large beneficial effects on breaking addictions, on mental health, on future time orientation on hormone levels etc. They will all also make you look more physically attractive.

She could change the way she dresses from trying to look hot to trying to look beautyfull and feminine in a girlfriend material type way. The style women are encouraged to go for today is largely the hot style. Aim for another style. You should still look sexy but in a different way.

Also spend time on the manosphere blogs written by women trying to cultivate and explore femininity such as BloggingBelita , Spacetraveller etc. Becoming more feminine will probably make you more content in yourself and make you more LTR worthy. Also look to cultivating all sorts of other LTR relationship skills such as cooking to enhance your LTR value to compensate for the loss through promiscuity. Reducing all sorts of impulsivity and becoming as balanced and future time oriented and serious as possible in all other areas of life will make men feel like you are safer than your number implies. If you make life changes in several areas you can also more plausibly spin your promiscuity as an irresponsible faze that is no over just as other bad habits are now over.

Spend time in the manosphere to learn about behaviors that actually impress men in terms of making you LTR worthy. Just by not at all being flaky and keeping drama tendencies to a minimum during the dating period you will become a much better prospect.