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But, look at what some of these people (trannies and feminists and blank-slatists) say. Hell, if blank-slatism is even 20% true as a theory then that is actually pretty fucking terrifying when you consider the rampant and deliberate process of trying to turn boys into girls and girls into boys. What if they actually can do that? Even if it only happens on the margin, with say 5-10% of who we are being a social construct, that is fucking terrifying in a big way.

Anyways. I won’t derail on this subject any more (or try not to).

The main thing I wanted to get across with the Lady Valor thing is just how fucked up everything has been the last few years.

A lot of people have been wondering how a well structured and financed group like IS/ISIL/ISIS seemingly came out of no where.

I was thinking about this earlier and I kinda had it flash before my eyes. Imagine a few dozen images from just the last two years and compare and contrast them. On one hand you have the middle east and on the other America. They behead people and place videos of it online, we broadcast videos of Miley Cyrus. They broadcast videos of their soldiers training and executing people by the dozen, we broadcast videos of tranny Navy SEALs. They talk about a great Caliphate where men are men and women are women, we have slut walks and our soldier hold gay pride parades while our football players march a mile in her six inch pink stripper shoes.

I could go on and on, but I think you guys get this. What I really wonder about is whether or not The Powers That Be are doing this intentionally or if they are simply so far out of the loop to not understand how we come across to your average dis-enfranchised arab teen and young man? They openly mock and call us out about our weakness and what do we have to show them? Lady Fuckin Valor!

You would think someone in the Psyops division at the pentagon would call a meeting and put together a plan to curtail this…but then again, maybe they are behind it….who fucking knows.

PS: I truly do not wish to anger or belittle any veterans that comment or read here, if I have I apologize. My family has served in every war since the Revolution and I am the only generation that has moved far enough out of the lower classes, and the hills of apalachia, to not serve in any capacity in this war. So, understand that I do have respect and mean no disrespect. I just can’t believe the juxtaposition of it all on the world stage.