What women want
Respect and responsibility
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
Consent makes all the difference in the world
When is implicit consent enough?
Could you be a slave, owned, property?
Being taken in hand was really rather super
Wedded bliss
Find your voice and speak
Taken in hand by tenderness
How do you relate to one another publicly?

My rates are way better. Did you know that there are some professional pickup artists that charge up to $400 per hour for training? It’s true. I’m friends with them. They are great trainers, but $400 per hour is a lot of money.

I don’t want to charge you $400 an hour to work with me. Money’s a difficult thing. I need to make enough to stay in business, but I don’t feel right charging more than I could’ve afforded when I needed coaching.

There are some BIG changes coming to ZenPickupArtist .com. We are building an online store for private instruction and a number of products. I will be more available than ever for training. Things are getting exciting, and it wouldn’t be possible without independence.

I stepped out this evening for a run. This isn’t unusual. I run a few miles daily, but today I felt lazy. I decided to limit the run to one mile. I reasoned one mile was better than zero miles. As I closed in on the point where I had to turn around I thought, “What if I kept running?” So I did just that.

I ran ten miles. It felt great, and I could’ve gone longer, but a thunderstorm was rolling in.

Why am I sharing this? To show off? No. I’m not a world-class athlete. There are plenty of people who would laugh at a ten mile run. I mention the run because it’s relevant to improving your dating life. Most of us carry a set of limiting beliefs. These beliefs take the form of phrases like, “I’m not good enough for her,” or, “I’m too shy to ask him out.” Limiting beliefs are only true if you allow them to be true. By pushing a little harder you’ll find that you are capable of more than you think!