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I’m not as close minded as one might assume. I did in fact read the entire blog and the comments. I do recognize the subtle issues. But I started with the big picture.

I don’t mean any offense to other commenters.. If any is shown, I apologize.

ldl says:
February 27, 2013 at 4:17 pm

Women will never understand the sinking feeling of discovering your girlfriend’s past. It may be rooted in evo psych, culture or insecurity. It doesn’t matter. It is there and it is a hard pill too swallow in some men. Logically it doesn’t make sense now that paternity certainty can be resolved, but it still hurts. We can be slaves to emotions.

You mention birthright. A large part of the problem is that many men aren’t guaranteed the birthright to sleep around. Most men really aren’t free sexually. So when a sexually free woman and a sexually frustrated man fall for each other there will most likely be conflict. He feels like she’s settling for a silver (beta) medal, instead of mr. alpha, and he feels like he’s settling for a silver (more promiscuous than he) medal.

This seems to be the case frequently in the SMP. I recently fell for an artist/feminist who was very adamant about her promiscuous past. It started as FWB and we could tell it was becoming something more. I nipped it in the bud, because I can’t commit to someone that promiscuous. I feel that I myself need to sleep around more, or to start looking for women in church. The latter is moot, because I’m an atheist.

You can talk about looking past emotions and seeing people for they truly are yada yada, but the truth is that there is a huge imbalance in sexual activity between your average man and woman today. Men have a problem with women living the male fantasy of sleeping around when they can’t live it themselves. I think that’s a valid problem. The solution? I dunno.

I admit that art school girls aren’t “average” in terms of sexual partners. My friend jokes that having sex with someone is part of the application process.

Megan Wilson says:
March 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm