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For this, I have a great deal of love and respect for him.

Submission is beautiful not binding.

by felicia on 2004 Nov 10 - 02:32 | reply to this comment
There's dominant and dominant
One way of being dominant may suit one couple, another may suit another. I personally do not find physical intimidation attractive, nor beneficial to our relationship. If you want to know how I feel about it, I suggest you try reading my article Force of will which explains my point of view. For me, it is necessary to feel that I am submitting voluntarily to my husband, not being forced to it. Force repells me.

My husband does not wear skirts, but he has no problem with doing dishes (though actually we have a dishwasher). A man who thinks housework is emasculating must I feel, be a man who is very insecure about his masculinity.

by Louise C on 2004 Nov 10 - 05:42 | reply to this comment
I love this website
I just discovered this website a few days ago and have spent hours reading it when I should have been sleeping I love it, love all the discussion and the level of intelligence and I have to say I LOVE LOUISE's comments, I can totally identify with her and she is funny.

Go Louise, GO!! Adelle

by Adelle on 2004 Dec 20 - 02:12 | reply to this comment
Thank you Adelle
Glad you like my comments. I love this website too, there's always something interesting going on here. Keep posting.