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Jiron does a successful Falcon Block (the 100% foolproof way to stop a woman on the street). I wish I snapped a picture of this girl because she was Beautiful with a capital B! No such thing as warm-up sets for us TDD boys, as I’ve said so many times, when your confidence are built on the right foundations and you are trained specifically in skillsets that MATTER, you are always in business, as Jiron has proven.

James gives his thoughts and comments on successfully engaging a seated 2-set. Using a combination of the Line-Of-Sight, Law-Of-Frequency and Mutual Agreement concepts, James does what I term the rejection-proof Seamless Approach, which I teach during any of my live in-field programs.

Wrecking it up in Style!

I believe that this is just one of the many media projects to come. Being a part of this project, just like the other projects before this one, was a definite blast. I would like to express my gratitude to Orche Pictures and ChannelNewsAsia for this enriching and enjoyable program, which gave us a wonderful opportunity to showcase the good that we do.

The Real results achieved by Real people is undeniable. Like we always say, Love us or Hate us, our credibility is there for all to see.

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ndeed, this is the article that all of you have been waiting for and I am excited to finally release it!

Below is a foundational article, Stop Playing The Reactive Game! I personally feel that this is gonna be a truly ground-breaking article because the truth is, most of the guys out there are playing the reactive game. Basically, if you find yourself in a position where you have to constantly look out for signs of interest from a girl, or find yourself generally uncertain about a specific interaction/seduction, this is a MUST-READ article for you.